Down 3 more pounds in a week munching on bacon, cheese, cream in my coffee and much more deliciousness!!!! This morning I added a drop of vanilla extract, truvia, and cinnamon to my coffee, warmed up some heavy cream and enjoyed a perfect keto latte! I wasn’t even hungry for breakfast!

I did have a cheat day Sunday, and I have been doing a lot of research on intermittent fasting for carb up days and “cheat days”. I basically knocked myself out of Ketosis with fruity drinks on Sunday so fasting Monday for 12 hours and some cardio, than a regular keto meal put me back in! I will advise NOT to do any kind of fasting unless you do your research because it can be dangerous – I loaded up on water and green tea all day =)

Last night I cooked up  baby shrimp alfredo and a side salad, perfect leftovers for today’s lunch! Recipe to follow, of course!

HIIT Cardio Week 5
Day 1 – Sprint-1 min Recover-1 min Reps-6x
Day 2 – Sprint-2 min Recover-2 min Reps-4x

This weeks HIIT was pretty tough but it feels amazing to accomplish it. I never thought running 7.0 on a treadmill would come easy to me but it has. I try to keep my sprints at an 8.0 and my recover between 3.5 and 4 but sprinting for 2 minutes at 8.0 is rough. So I started at 7.0 and worked my way up!Since my schedule is coming to an end, I’ve started doing my research on different HIIT workout to continue with!