Weighed in last night and I am little disappointed. I really thought I had dropped at least 3 lbs since my pants are falling off me today but I am only down 1 lb! I’m going to lower my calorie intake to 1,220 this week and see how that effects my body since also just joined MyFitnessPal.com to track my macros, I’m excited! On a lighter note, Insanity whoooopped my ass! 45 minutes of non-stop moving and sweating, just the way I like it! Not sure how I’ll be able to continue with it because it was downloaded on a friend’s computer plus my schedule is so crazy already.

I had a pretty filling lunch so my dinner was light! Just a bowl of steamed broccoli with a creamy cauliflower sauce! A friend of mine found the recipe on Pinterest and brought me over some to taste! It was fantastic (thanks Bri!!) here’s the link just substitute the pasta with chickren, veggies, or spaghetti squash to keep it keto:

Killed my HIIT Cardio which I’m happy about. I was able to bump up my speed to a 9 on the treadmill and I’ve got legs tonight!

Wish me luck!