So, today is my third day into Week 1 and I’m feeling great!! Totally energized, not thinking about food or how hungry I’ll be, I’m actually satisfied. I’ve got so much energy, sometimes I feel like I’m on a caffeine kick but I know it just my body adjusting. I’m down 9.3 lbs since I started doing something about my weight gain, which leaves my new starting weight to be 141.7 lbs. My goal is to loose 15 lbs, and get stronger physically and mentally in 6 weeks! Sounds tough but if I’ve lost over 9 lbs half assing this, I know I’ll get the results I want. I’ll be following a strict keto diet, plus implementing a 6 week work out plan that includes strength training and HIIT cardio! Photos to follow!

HIIT Cardio Week 1
Day 1: Sprint 1 min, Recover 3 min – 3x

Strength Training Week 1:
Already completed:
M – Chest & Back / Core √
T – HIIT Cardio 1 / Core √

Today is lower Body / Core!